All Call for Auction Items
Mon, Jan 21 8:21pm

Do you have a great idea for an auction prize?  Know a local vendor who might be willing to donate?  Willow Glen PTA needs your help!  Please contact Melissa Nierman at ideas, and prizes to donate.  

Possible ideas:
Dinner party at your house
Tickets to a local sporting event
Electronic Items
Planned Party (American Girl Doll party, Harry Potter Party, Party in the Park)
Tee time at a private Golf Course
Movie Night
Poker Night
Your Time (if you are a designer, or have a skills that could help others)
Gift Cards
These are just a few to get you thinking.  The  more people participate, the better the auction.  If you were wanting to help out, but didn't want to get cleared as a volunteer, here is your chance!