Band Coordinator and Band Rentals
Mon, Mar 5 10:24am

We are looking for either 1 or 2 people to take over for the year 2018-2019 for Band Coordinator and Band Rentals. Below is a brief description of what both roles entails. If your kids love band and you love music then this is the perfect job for you! E-mail me back and let me know if this is something that your interested in doing. Don't worry you will get training ..


Band Coordinator

  • Creating or editing documents, spreadsheets, student roll lists.
  • Coordinating concert dates and approving concert programs.
  • Corresponding with parents via email re: all band matters.
  • Liaison with band director and CSMA.
  • Copying, filing and distributing music.
  • Purchasing band supplies.
  • Coordinate with band instrument rental volunteer.
  • Help band director with communications with parents.
  • Help organize PR for Ice Cream Social, Tree Lighting, Winter and Spring Concerts.
  • Coordinate fundraising bake sales at concerts.
  • Decorate and set up/tear down for concerts.
  • Organize volunteers for morning band classes.

Band Instrument Rentals

  • Keep database of instruments up to date.
  • Check instruments out to students wanting to rent them (mostly August - October) and check them in (May).
  • Keep instruments in good working order (bring to repair shop as needed throughout the year and over the summer).
  • Keep instrument closet clean and organized.