Band is a GO!
Sat, Sep 24 12:59pm

Yay! We have enough students to have a band!

Band will start next week.
Please read all the details below, and let me know if I missed any of your questions!
Band will be in the cafeteria this year.
Starting at 7:30 and finishing at 8:20. (Later than it says on the flyer.)
The schedule NEXT WEEK will be as follows.
Monday - ALL Flutes and Clarinets, past and interested, beginning and advanced. Bring your instrument and book IF you have them.
Tuesday - ALL Alto Saxes, Trumpets, Trombone and Percussion, past and interested, beginning and advanced. Bring your instrument (or drum pad and sticks) and book IF you have them.
Wednesday - ALL Beginning Band Students DID NOT play in band last year.
Thursday - Advanced Band Students - those who were advanced last year, and those who want to tryout for this year. Come prepared to play songs #53, 57 & 58 from the book!
The USUAL WEEKLY schedule will be as follows.
Mondays - ALL Flutes and Clarinets
Tuesdays - ALL Alto Saxes, Trumpets, Trombone and Percussion
Wednesdays - ALL Beginning Band Students
Thursdays - ALL Advanced Band Students
Since we will be starting later than it said on the flyer so there is not so much time between band and the start of school, we will have 2 band leaders!
Mondays and Wednesdays will be lead by Mark

Mark started music when he was 5 playing piano.  After starting 4th grade, he began playing the trumpet and has been playing ever since.  He has traveled to New Zealand and Austrailia with the Homestead High School Wind Ensemble in 2009 and participated in the Santa Clara County Honor Band from 2007-2010.
In college, Mark studied with Jens Lindemann, Dr Thomas Lee, Patrick Sheridan and many other professors to study trumpet and conducting.  He graduated in 2015 with a B.A. in Music History and is planning on going to get his teaching credential in 2017.
Tuesdays and Thursdays will be lead by Noah

Noah is an opera singer from Mountain View, California. He graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts from University of California Los Angeles in 2014, with a focus in Music Education and Vocal Performance. During his time at UCLA, he studied under the direction of Vladimir Chernov. He also performed major baritone roles in UCLA's productions of Orpheus in the Underworld, Les Enfants et les Sortileges, and Don Giovanni. After graduating, Noah was invited to attend Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, where he studied for two years under the tutelage of Olga Sergeevna.
Instrumentally, Noah has played the clarinet since the age of 12. At UCLA, he gained proficiency in trumpet, trombone, flute, oboe, bassoon, percussion, alto sax, violin, cello, and guitar. Due to his love for marching band in high school, Noah joined the UCLA Bruin Marching Band where he played clarinet for 3 years and trumpet for 1 year.
Through training as an instrumentalist and a vocalist, Noah has been able to discern the strengths of both to make himself a better and stronger musician. Noah is excited to become a part of the Arts Initiative team, and share these areas of expertise this summer and the upcoming year.

Please bring your registration form and checks to band the first day your student comes.
Instrument Rentals:
Rentals will be $70 for the year again. You can pay via check to WGEPTA for $70. Or you can pay via PayPal, choosing a 1 time $70 payment, or 8 monthly payments of $10 each (total of $80). The page for payments is here.
Because we don’t have secure place to keep the instruments in the cafeteria, they are all at my house. If you need to rent an instrument, please make an appointment through this form:
If you have an instrument you rented over the summer, please sign up for a time to come to my house as well, as I have new tags for the instruments, need to record some information about each instrument, and need you to fill out a new rental form (and make payment).
Instrument Supplies:
Percussion musicians will need to purchase a set of drumsticks and a practice pad instead of renting an instrument. The drum book is optional.
All other instruments will need a book and a cleaning kit.
Clarinet and saxophones will need reeds (I recommend a box of #2s) and cork grease.
Brass instruments will need valve oil.
Please add any supplies you’d like to purchase from the PTA on your rental appointment form above. Here is the price list:

You are also welcome to purchase supplies on or at either of these local music shops:
Music Village - 2971 Union Ave at Foxworthy Ave, San Jose, 408-377-2504)
Park Avenue Music Center - 1717 Park Ave, San Jose, CA 95126, 408-279-5100

Maren Sederquist
President Emeritus, Membership Chair, Budget Committee Member, PayPal Administrator, Schmahl Science Liaison, Music Liaison, Band Liaison, Band Instrument Rentals, Web Editor, Konstella Moderator, T-Shirt Sales,  GATE Robotics Instructor