Bike To School Day Tips
Thu, May 11 7:37pm

Tomorrow is WGE Bike To School Day! Here are some tips:


  • It is also Pajama Day - be sure to where pajamas that are safe to bike in. You can roll up your pant leg on the side of your chain.
  • Come by the Bike To School Day table in front of the library for fresh fruit and water while supplies last.
  • If you are in need of a new helmet, let us know before the flag salute so you can have a chance to win one. 
  • Listen carefully during the flag salute. You might be chosen to win a new bike!
  • Always wear a helmet when you ride your bike, scooter, skates or skateboard!
  • Bring and use your lock to keep your bike safe.
  • Extra bike parking will be available in either P-18 or P-19 if there is no more room on the bike racks.