Do you have to drive on Walking Wednesdays?
Tue, Feb 6 10:39am

Do you and your kids want to participate in Walking Wednesdays, but you have to drive, either because you live too far from the campus, or you don't have the time to walk from home? Well the good news is that you can still participate and help make our school safer, get some exercise, and spend quality time with your children before you all start your days apart. 


Attached is a map showing where you can park on Walking Wednesdays (or any day!) to qualify as having "walked" to school. The center circle that surrounds the school is the area to avoid parking in. The area outside the circle, with some streets highlighted as suggested parking areas, is only about two tenths of a mile from the school. You'll be walking for less than 10 minutes in most cases. 


Try it out on Walking Wednesdays and let me know how it works for you!