Flyering the Neighborhood for the WG5k
Fri, Apr 28
Willow Glen Elementary

Please help us get the flyers out!!
Love walking or take your kids/pets out for walks often? Sign up for more than one bundle!

- Meet at the stage after school on Friday (April 28th).
- Collect a map of where you are to flyer and a stack of flyers.
- Leave flyers on doorsteps (not in mailboxes) over this next weekend.

We are REQUIRED by the city to leave a flyer at the door of every home affected by the road closures for the Willow Glen 5k.
We are required to give 14 days notice to all residents, so the flyers need to go out THIS COMING WEEKEND!!

Want to help but are unable to meet on Friday? Email to set up a pick up time for your bundle/bundles.


One bundle (street or streets) of flyers Signed Up: 4 / 25

Fri, Apr 28
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