Free Dress for the Opera! [Please read to find out which day your student has free dress]
Mon, Oct 30 9:38pm
Like to dress up?  Dig out your dressy dresses, capes, gloves, ties, cuffs, and tuxedos.   


It’s a dressy Free Dress Day on Nov 2 or 3!  The free dress day corresponds with when each grade will see the opera:
Thurs Nov 2. - TK, Kinder, 1st and 4th, 5th
Fri Nov 3. -  2nd and 3rd
Professionals from the San Francisco Opera Guild will be performing The Elixir of Love with our student opera group.  Performance times are 9:15 (TK-1) and 1:30 (4/5) on 11/2 and 9:15 (2/3) on 11/3.