Got Toys?
Wed, Nov 15 8:57am

The Tiger Store is looking for gently used toys, games and books as prizes for the tiger tickets the students receive for good behavior.  Things like:

  • Clean stuffed animals (they love Beanie Babies!!)
  • Legos
  • Any sort of action or tv/movie figures (Shopkins, Pokemon, Star Wars, etc.)
  • Kid's jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, tiaras)
  • Board games and puzzles with all the pieces, sealed with tape
  • Unopened craft/science kits and art supplies
  • Anything else that is gently used that you are willing to part with!

We can't accept any gun related items.

Feel free to leave donations in the School Office around the corner from the front desk.  You'll see a bin.  Or you can leave on my front porch any time.

Thanks so much!!