Tue, Aug 16 9:33am

Please see below for some important information regarding drop off and pick up. Read through this information in its entirety and take note of the processes and procedures in place. As you know, we are on a small corner with limited access to drop off and pick up areas. It is imperative that you follow these procedures. It is up to our community to ensure a safe environment for our students.


By Car

Students arriving by car may either park off campus and walk or use the following areas. 

  • Lincoln Ave gate: This area on Lincoln Ave that was previously marked green (parking) has been changed to white (loading) by the City of San Jose. You can drop off your child and they can enter in through the gate on Lincoln Ave. This is now a LOADING zone, which means there is no parking.
  • Back parking lot: There is no parking or stopping in this lot, as parking spaces are very limited. It is imperative that traffic flows in and out of the back parking lot. Please move fluidly through the lot. Your car should not be left parked or idle. The numbered spaces in back parking lot and all spaces in the front lot are for staff only. 
  • The Minnesota Avenue staff parking lot is not to be used for student drop off or pick up. 
  • There should be no loading or parking on Minnesota (between Iris Court and Lincoln Ave) at any time.

If your child is not out for pick up, you need to keep driving. Please exit the lot and make a right on Nevada and a right on Iris. You will then come back up Minnesota and onto Lincoln to turn right into the parking lot. You need to keep circling the block if your child is not out for pick up. Please do not arrive early for pickup. The lot will not be opened until 2:51. 



Students and parents may park off campus and walk onto campus or walk from home to school. Students that are walking should follow these directions in order to stay safe. Students walking should enter through the front double doors, office gate, Lincoln gate, or back gate.

  • Always walk with a friend or an adult
  • Use sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Make eye contact with driver before crossing the street
  • Cross where safety patrol or crossing guards are available to help

Bike, Scooter or Skateboard

Students and parents may bike, scooter or skate to and from school. Students should follow these directions in order to stay safe.

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Always follow bike safety rules.
  • Students must walk their wheeled vehicles on campus.


  • If you need to park to enter campus, please use the neighboring streets and accessible parking lots.
  • Do not park or load in any red zones, driveways, or residential spaces.
  • The recommended speed for driving in the school zone is 15MPH.
  • Pull into the parking lot and pull all the way to the front of the line.
  • Make sure your child has all the supplies needed to exit the car quickly.
  • Remain inside the vehicle, parking or exiting the car causes a delay in the traffic.
  • Always be polite to other drivers, campus supervisors, staff, and be mindful of neighbors.
  • Follow city laws. They are in place to keep kids safe
  • Refrain from using electronics.