ISO help for the Tiger Store for next year
Fri, Jun 1 4:18pm

The PTA is looking for a volunteer or volunteers to coordinate the school's Tiger Store in 2018-19.

The Tiger Store has become a key tool helping support the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) system used by the school. Teachers report that the incentives the store provides have proven motivational, especially for younger students as they learn what is and isn't acceptable behavior at school. 

This person or persons would be responsible for:

1) Recruiting volunteers and opening/running the store during lunchtime approximately 2x/month

2) Managing inventory through donations and the $2,000 budget approved by the PTA

This could be one person or two who work closely together. Please shoot me a note at if you are interested. 

Thank you!


PS In case you're new to the Tiger Store, here's how it works: Teachers and administrators hand out Tiger Paws to students they see behaving well. Students collect their Tiger Paws and use them to purchase toys or experiences (like lunch with the principal) on their regular visits to the Tiger Store. The overall program is administered by the school. The PTA provides support by organizing the store.