Join the Garden Team - No Green Thumb Required!
Fri, Aug 24 1:53pm

Interested in being a Garden Docent? No Green Thumb required! 


TWO ways to engage with the program at WGE!


Attend New Docent Orientation: Friday, August 31st at 8:45 a.m. [15 min]


Volunteer Orientation Night on Sept 4, 6 p.m. in the garden.


What does being a Garden Docent mean? 
You will be managing the lesson with another team member for a classroom. Ideally, two docents per classroom are required for a successful program.

Lessons are once a month (8 lessons total)for one hour. Prep and cleanup are typically 30 min. each for a total commitment of 2 hours/month. This program falls in line with other public elementary schools in the SJ area.

**Each class has their own bed for gardening IF they would like. In the past not every class has wanted this responsibility. Some beds are ready now for new owners as noted by the "butterflies" floating on the beds.


How do I run a lesson? 
Typically classes are broken up into groups of 6-8 students that rotate between three stations (Maintenance, Tasting, and Curriculum Activity). Each garden docent supervises a group for approximately 10-15 minutes each.

  • Maintenance - This could include weeding, clearing a garden bed, or looking for pests.
  • Tasting - Taste from the garden bounty! It’s always amazing what your child will taste when their friends are tasting too!
  • Curriculum Activity - Monthly themes inspire activities that teach children about different aspects of outdoor science. This could include reading a book on bugs from the garden shed library or a making a simple bird feeder, lemonade, potting plants, planting etc. inclusive of crafts the student can take home.

How do I become a Garden Docent? 
To sign up to be a garden docent, please sign up with your teacher, then join the Garden Social Group in Konstella


Garden Orientation is Friday, Aug 31 at 8:45 a.m. in the garden.


I'm not ready to be a docent but I want to help in the garden. 
Wonderful! Contact Jennifer George, WGE Garden Manager via private message in Konstella OR via email and she can help you get started at your convenience.