Monthly Spirit Day!
Willow Glen Elementary

Friday is a spirit day! Check the theme below. 

These are the themed spirit days for the rest of the school year. If your student is not participating in the theme day, they will need to wear their uniform.

November 1 – Rainbow color day

            TK – red

            Kindergarten – orange

            1st grade – yellow

            2nd grade – green

            3rd grade – blue

            4th grade – purple

            5th grade – any color of the rainbow

December 6 – Sports day (wear your personal or professional sports team clothing)

January 10 – Animal day (wear a shirt or accessory of your favorite animal or animal print clothing)

February 7 – Star Wars day

March 6 – Neon day (wear neon colors)

April 3 – Fancy clothes day (wear your fanciest clothes)

May 1– Disco day

Fri, Apr 3

Fri, May 1