Music in June with Ms. Jacqueline
Tue, Jun 9 9:30am - Fri, Jul 3 11:00am
Willow Glen Elementary

Hi all,


Now that school is coming to a close, I'm hoping music will come at a time when students may be looking for distant/virtual summer enrichment activities. 


Here is the ZOOM schedule for music classes I promised for the month of June. See links at the bottom. 


Classes are 25 minutes each.  Recorder Testing Slots are 10 minutes per student.


Recorder and Recorder Testing pertain to Scibetta's 4th/5th grade combo class as well as all 5th grade classes.


Friendly reminder: in Files&Links you can find your classroom's music folder. In these folders are close to all the songs we worked on this year/were going to work on this year. 


Please have your children join the zoom meeting that pertains to their grade level for the 2019-2020 school year. I blocked times for classes to come twice a week in case students miss the first opportunity or they want to come twice :). 


Classes will focus on ear training, music theory, singing songs, rhythms, beats, Solfege and more. We will not be doing too much group singing because it is hard to stay in time. (Singers you see on Zoom videos on social media record their audio separately). 


Although these classes are completely voluntary and optional, I hope to see you there!


If you have any questions please feel free to message me on Konstella.


Week 1

Tuesday June 9th | 9:30am TK/K/1st

Tuesday June 9th | 10:00am 2nd/3rd

Tuesday June 9th | 10:30am 4th/5th

Tuesday June 9th | 11:10am Recorder

Wednesday June 10th | 9:30am TK/K/1st

Wednesday June 10th | 10:00am 2nd/3rd

Wednesday June 10th | 10:30am 4th/5th

Wednesday June 10th | 11:10am Recorder

Friday June 12th | 6:30pm Recorder Testing



Monday June 15th | 9:30am TK/K/1st

Monday June 15th | 10:00am 2nd/3rd

Monday June 15th | 10:30am 4th/5th

Monday June 15th | 11:10am Recorder

Thursday June 18th | 9:30am TK/K/1st

Thursday June 18th | 10:00am 2nd/3rd

Thursday June 18th | 10:30am 4th/5th

Thursday June 18th | 11:10am Recorder

Friday June 19th | 9:00am Recorder Testing



Tuesday June 23rd | 9:30am TK/K/1st

Tuesday June 23rd | 10:00am 2nd/3rd

Tuesday June 23rd | 10:30am 4th/5th

Tuesday June 23rd | 11:10am Recorder

Wednesday June 24th | 9:30am TK/K/1st

Wednesday June 24th | 10:00am 2nd/3rd

Wednesday June 24th | 10:30am 4th/5th

Wednesday June 24th | 11:10am Recorder

Friday June 26th | 6:30pm Recorder Testing



Monday June 29th | 9:30am TK/K/1st

Monday June 29th | 10:00am 2nd/3rd

Monday June 29th | 10:30am 4th/5th

Monday June 29th | 11:10am Recorder

Thursday July 2nd | 9:30am TK/K/1st

Thursday July 2nd | 10:00am 2nd/3rd

Thursday July 2nd | 10:30am 4th/5th

Thursday July 2nd | 11:10am Recorder

Friday July 3rd | 9:00am Recorder Testing


For Meeting ID and Password information for ZOOM see this google link:


For Recorder Testing Sign Ups, see this google link: