Needed: volunteer coordinator for next year!
Wed, Mar 6 2:32pm

The PTA nominating committee is hard at work filling board and leadership positions for next year! One key role they need to fill: volunteer coordinator. 

This person organizes the Volunteer Orientation Night at the beginning of the school year; supports program leads (such as Project Cornerstone, art and garden) in recruiting volunteers; and generally helps match volunteers with school and PTA needs as they arise. The busiest period for this role is the beginning of the school year. This person is also welcome to serve on the PTA board, but it's not required.

In the past we have had a single person filling this job, but it could also be shared by two or more people - perhaps one who is on campus more often and another working behind the scenes on administrative tasks.

This is a crucial position for our ability to run enrichment programs like art in the classroom - without it, those programs would be difficult if not impossible to operate. Please let me know if you are interested!