PRIZES! --- WGE PTA Annual Giving Campaign
Mon, May 20 9:29pm

It’s time to celebrate & redeem the prizes you earned from the 2018-2019 WGE PTA Annual Giving Campaign.  

 Because of everyone’s thoughtful donations we raised over $80,000 for our students.   Every single dollar goes back to the enrichment of our children and our WGE community.  

Prizes earned: 

    When we raise $25,000, the whole school will have a free dress day!
    When we raise $40,000, the whole school will have a popcorn party!
    When we raise $65,000, students will get a chance to try to tape Principal Knapp to a wall!

 Prizes will be redeemed this Friday, May 24:

  • Every student gets a FREE DRESS DAY and a POPCORN PARTY.
  • Each teacher will select 5 students per class to help tape Principal Knapp to the wall.   

Thank you again for your donations.  Let’s reach our goals again next year and see whom else we can tape to the wall!!