Photos still needed for the yearbook - please help!
Mon, Mar 2 9:29pm

Thank you to the parents and teachers who have uploaded pictures of your classroom for our yearbook. We currently do not have any photos for these classes:


Ms. Flanagan, Ms. Calleja-Harris, Ms. Scibetta, Ms. Vaughn-Hulbert, Ms. Lawe, Maestra Broadnax, Ms. Schwartz, Ms. Knepper, Ms. Baxter, Ms. Linares, Ms. Bibson, Ms. Bryant-Green, Ms. Mandrusov.


If you have photos or take new photos. please message Yanli Qu via Konstella or text your email address to 408-916-7495 so Yanli can email you a link to upload pictures. Photos should be high resolution.

The best pictures include multiple students and can be casual - at pick up, recess, after school activities - the more photos the better! 

The goal is to have a photo of every student in the yearbook. Please help!