Purchase supplies for Recess 101
Tue, Nov 1 8:59am

Hello WGE Families, 


Recess 101 is one of the great programs the PTA is able to bring to our WGE campus. Recess 101's mission is to create a welcoming, supportive, healthy and enriching school environment that inspires change not only on the recess yard but also inside the classroom. This includes improving students’ ability to focus and ready to learn when they return to the classroom.   Teaching and creating opportunities for students to participate in safe, fair, and fun physical activities. Promoting the development of children's social competencies while fostering their imaginations, and decreasing behavioral issues and bullying throughout the school day.


Recess 101 is asking for families to help out by purchasing items from their Amazon Wishlist. All the items will be stored on campus and will only be for WGE students. The items purchased will be sent to the school. Check out the link below.