Recess Items Needed - Games, Toys, Balls. Drop off donations in the main office
Fri, Mar 20
Willow Glen Elementary

Our games closet is in need of a refresh! Please consider donating new or gently used games, toys or balls for the children to use during recess. Donations should be dropped off in the main office.  

Need ideas? Here are a few:

- Any toy that does not require batteries 
- Board games that don’t require batteries (ex: Connect 4, Candyland, Chutes and Ladders) 
-  Playing cards
- Large cars or trucks (no small hot wheels that can be easily taken)
- Marbles for our marble tracks
- Action figures/ animals
- Any type of sports or bouncy balls  (no small ones like baseballs or tennis balls)
We currently have: tracks, cars, marble tracks, Uno, checkers, dinosaurs, blocks. 


These activities help keep the kids engaged in constructive play during outdoor recess time, which means a more peaceful playground for all. Thanks in advance for your donation and a BIG thank you to Ashley, our PURRfect Players P.E. coach for managing the games closet for our kids!