Reminder: ALL new and returning volunteers need to be registered through the District
Sun, Aug 27 9:57pm

A quick reminder that anyone who volunteers on campus during the school day MUST be registered through the District (no exceptions). There is a new online process that makes the procedure much simpler, so start now!

If you are a RETURNING volunteer:  Click the link below, fill out the form, and you're done.  You'll be notified by the District if you need an updated TB test (good for 5 years).

If you are a NEW volunteer:  Click the link below, fill out the form, and then complete the following steps -

1. Complete a tuberculosis (TB) test.

2. After you receive clearance for TB, schedule an appointment for fingerprints at the District office at or by calling 408-535-6139.

3. Bring a hard copy of your TB results, a valid ID/Driver's License (passports require additional documents, call for details), and a fee of $10 (cash or check only) to your fingerprint appointment.

Once fingerprints have been rolled, you will typically receive clearance in 3-10 business days, but for some it may take longer. Once results are received, you will receive a clearance email and may begin your volunteer service.

FORMS:  English / Spanish

Thank you for supporting our students!

Questions?  E-mail