Show WGE’s “Blue Ribbon” staff they are Best in Show!
Fri, Apr 29 3:30pm

There are lots of ways to show our teachers and other staff how much we appreciate them, including:


MONDAY:   Write a note or poem to tell a teacher or staff member how much they mean to you or what a good job they are doing.


TUESDAY:   Do something nice for a teacher or staff member. Help them with a task, give them a compliment, etc.


WEDNESDAY:   Make a coupon or gift certificate to do something special for your teacher or staff member to redeem later. You could sharpen pencils, clean desks, or drop off a latte.


THURSDAY:   Bring in classroom supplies. Teachers always need kleenex, glue, clorox wipes and paper.


FRIDAY:   Bring in a gift card or class gift for your teacher.