Signing Up for PTA Room Parent Just Got Easier
Wed, Sep 7 12:29pm

Good morning WGE community,

We are still looking for room parents for about half of our classes. As a reminder, most of your responsibilities can be done at home. It is great job for anyone who likes to delegate, organize, and support and encourage teachers and staff at school. See the list below for classes still in need.

Signing up is now a little easier. Just click on the Konstella link below and find your class button to sign up. 

Konstella PTA Room Parent Sign Up Link

Thank you!

Katie Settle

Classes in Need of Room Parent(s)

  • Kinder - Palhidai
  • Kinder TWBI - Tagimaroa
  • 1st Grade - Rodriguez
  • 2nd Grade TWBI - Linares
  • 3rd Grade TWBI - Almeida
  • 3rd Grade - Lares
  • 3rd Grade - Knepper
  • 4th Grade TWBI - Broadnax
  • 4th Grade - Vaughn Hulbert
  • 4/5th Grade - Scibetta
  • 5th Grade TWBI - Ramirez
  • 5th Grade TWBI - Zepeda
  • 5th Grade - Calleja-Harris
  • 5th Grade - Flanagan