TK/Kinder Park Dates Planning 2018-2019
Fri, Mar 9 9:40am

Who doesn't like playing at the park and meeting new parents and kids before the new school year?  Get all those nerves out and ask all those questions before the first day of school that your too scared to ask. If your that person to answer  those questions this is the job for you!!  You plan playdates at the park! While the kids are playing and getting to know each other the parents are talking and doing the same thing. This is usually a TK/Kinder parent that does this but any parent can do this.


TK/Kinder Park Days
These park play days happen in late summer, right before school begins, at River Glen Park. They are an opportunity for incoming parents and students to get to know each other.  Usually three are scheduled over two weeks (i.e., a Saturday, Wednesday and Sunday). Responsibilities include:

  • Pick the dates.  Share dates with PTA President so they can be added to summer mailer and to the Konstella calendar.
  • Coordinate volunteers using Konstella to attend the dates (usually some Board members, any docent coordinators that would like to attend)
  • Bring a sign, name tags, water and snacks (using PTA budget)
  • Meet and Greet!

If this is the job for you e-mail me and let me know and I can get you in touch with the right person for training.