Teacher Appreciation and Campus Beautification - October 18th, 1-4pm
Thu, Oct 8 1:21pm

Hi there Parents and Caregivers!


I hope this email finds you well. I, along with my teacher appreciation crew, would like to invite you and your families to appreciate and honor the teachers and staff all year round instead of just in May, as it is traditionally done. Teachers are working so hard to adjust and support students this year and it is not easy. More than ever they need our support and we want to sprinkle our love for them throughout the year to make it a little easier to work each day without the students on campus. It started in September with door decorations and in October we will be beautifying the campus. Details are below. We hope you can join us!


Teacher Appreciation and Campus Beautification

  • Date & Time: Sunday, October 18th 1-4pm
  • Details: 
    • Help us make the campus a special place for teachers and staff to come. 
    • Pick up trash.
    • Use chalk to draw pictures or write encouraging notes in the quad or in front of your teacher's door. 
    • Refresh planter boxes with fresh flowers. 
    • Everything will be provided, but feel free to bring any of your supplies.

  • Important to Note: While on campus, please practice social distancing and safety protocol. Everyone on campus needs to wear a mask. Come as a family and stay with your family. Stay 6 feet apart.



Katie Settle, Carolyn Gumabo, and Jaime Perez