Teacher Door Decorating!
Wed, Sep 9 8:04pm

Hi there parents and caregivers!


I hope everyone's week has been great. I'm writing to you with an idea to help lift the spirits of our teachers since they can't be with our kids in-person. You may have seen on social media (@wgetigers) that some students drew pictures and wrote messages to their teacher and posted them to his or her door over the weekend. The teachers that already received something from students were so happy and surprised to see all of the beautiful artwork!

If you have the time this weekend and your class isn't already planning something special, consider drawing a picture or writing an uplifting message to your teacher and posting it to their classroom door after school hours. This is not a requirement at all, just an idea to consider to help students and teachers feel more connected to one another. If you have any ideas to help build community spirit at our school, please reach out!

Keep in mind that during school hours, the school is closed to all visitors, but after 4pm or on the weekends, visitors are allowed on campus. Thank you for all you are doing to support your student and our WGE community!


Kind regards,


Amy Kaiser-Federighi

PTA President