Thank you for a wonderful year! (with fundraising wrap-up)
Sun, Jun 10 8:02pm

I am writing with a brief wrap-up of the PTA's activities this past year. Thanks to you, we exceeded our fundraising goals in all areas, raising 112% of the revenue we budgeted overall! The preliminary results of our four biggest fundraisers were:

Annual Giving: Approx. $65K in revenue, 119% of budget.

Auction: Approx. $46K in revenue, 127% of budget.

Walkathon: Approx. $23K in revenue, 115% of budget.

5K: Approx. $85K in revenue, 107% of budget.

(Note: figures do not include expenses and will not be official until the fall)

Based on these results, the PTA membership approved a preliminary budget for 2018-19 last week that includes the purchase of 60 Chromebook laptops for our students. The school is purchasing a similar number of laptops, and when they all arrive this fall, we will have approximately one laptop cart (30 laptops) for every two classrooms, a significant increase over this year. This will enable significantly more flexibility in the way teachers use technology in their lessons and help shorten the period for state testing in the spring. 

The PTA budget also includes full funding for Schmahl Science (nine workshops per classroom); Little Heroes PE with Coach Ray (twice per month); our music program (20 weeks of instruction, an increase of two weeks over last year); and stipends of up to $1,500 per classroom for supplies and field trips. It also includes volunteer- led art lessons, the Project Cornerstone community-building program, and all of our traditional community and family activities

I want to give a special thank you to the PTA board and the leads for all of our programs, as well as anyone who has volunteered even an hour for the PTA. Your generosity in support of our students and families is truly inspiring.

Have a great summer!

Warm regards,
Rachel Wilner
PTA President, 2017-19