The Walkathon winners are...
Tue, Nov 8 3:23pm

1) Maestra Blanco-Johnson:  $3,440

2) Maestra Aguilar:  $2,981

3) Maestra Broadnax:  $2,140

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  This year's walkathon was an amazing success - we raised $24,466, which was just short of our $25K goal but about $7K more than last year!  The kids all did great and the teachers provided incredible support and participation.

Prize certificates for the free dress day, trip to Hicklebee's, and pizza lunch will go home in your child's tiger folder this week.  If you don't receive something that you think you should have, please e-mail and we'll follow up.

Grab bags will be distributed next Friday, 11/18, which is also the free dress day (blue certificate).

We look forward to rocking it out again next year!