Tiger Store 2018-2019
Mon, Mar 5 10:33am
How fun does this job sound! Working with kids and handing out toys and prizes that they have earning from getting Tiger Tickets. You get to see there faces light up as they get excited to hand you there tickets for a prize because they did so well!  If you want to see this happen and you can spend a few hours of your day we are looking for 1 person to take lead on this for the year 2018-2019 and then you can get your own group of people to help you out with this. If this is something you would love to do email be back and I can connect you with the right person to get training from.
Tiger Store
The Tiger Store offers a chance for students to trade in Tiger Tickets (given for showing PURR behavior) for rewards like toys, Free Dress days and Lunch with the Principal.
  • Work with Kelli Knapp to create schedule for the year.  Tiger Store is usually the first recess every other Friday, as well as an afternoon Kinder store on those same Fridays.
  • Purchase items using PTA budget, usually Oriental Trading Co., Dollar Store, Target
  • Request donations using Konstella
  • Stock and organize Tiger Store, including sorting donations
  • Coordinate volunteers, via Konstella for parents and also including Student Council and Little Heroes
  • Set up tables and merchandise
  • Have fun selling to the students!