Tiger Store Donations Welcome
Fri, Mar 23 3:53pm

Hi Willow Glen community!  Thank you to everyone who has dropped off books, toys, Target bags full of goodies, and donations from your homes  - the Tiger Store couldn't run without these amazing donations!!


We have gone a couple months using those donations and now could use some more items.  The students love stuffed animals, board games, Star Wars/Lego/Shopkins/other branded stuff, books, stickers, coloring books, art supplies, crafts...all that good stuff!  I've heard people have had great luck at Target dollar bins, the Dollar Store and Michael's when there are good sales.


Feel free to drop off new or gently used items at the office or on my porch (pm me for address).  Thank you for keeping the store stocked with good rewards for the student's PURR behavior!!