Update on district plans for 2020-21
Fri, Jun 26 5:06pm

WGE families,

At Thursday night’s SJUSD board meeting, district leadership provided a brief, high-level overview of the preliminary plan for the fall. This update was based on the requirements laid out in the state budget approved Tuesday, so details were sparse. The district plans to release more info by July 1, ask for feedback and then finalize the plan. 

Here are the basics that Deputy Superintendent Steve McMahon described:

  • The state budget prioritizes in-person instruction, so SJUSD will prioritize that as well and is making plans to have students back in classrooms this fall.
  • The district will add webcams to classrooms so that students who need, for whatever reason, to be at home can still participate.
  • If a family wants to keep their child home from school for any reason, the child will still be able to attend class online and that will count for attendance. Attendance is compulsory, but can be from home.
  • Health orders will dictate how many kids can be in class and what mitigations are required to keep them safe. If conditions/health orders require schools to close, the district is making plans for a more robust distance learning plan than was offered in the spring.
  • Administrators and the task force they assembled considered lots of different options - for example, alternating days of attendance. Because the state is still requiring 180 days of attendance/instruction, they felt this model could not work.
  • They don’t expect to know by next week exactly what safety protocols will be in place in August - that is still being worked out in consultation with the health dept. More to come.
  • The district will send a letter next week outlining the plan, still at a fairly high level. They will follow that up with a survey of parents and multiple webinars to share additional info.

If you'd like to listen to the discussion yourself, a link to the recording is here. The discussion starts at the 1-hour mark.

Keep an eye out for more info from the district next week. I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy!