Volunteer roles for next year still available!
Tue, May 9 8:00pm

No matter how much or how little you want to commit, there are lots of opportunities to help out in the area you are passionate about.
Open roles are listed here: http://www.wgepta.org/members/officers-leads-other-years/nominations-for-2017-18/


  • Auditor - NEEDED
  • Back to School Ice Cream Social - NEEDED
  • Harvest Festival - Angela Nardi Brocato / CO-CHAIR NEEDED
  • Parent (Mother) Daughter Event - NEEDED
  • Affiliates Coordinator - NEEDED
  • Auction Chair -  NEEDED
  • Auction Decorations - NEEDED
  • Auction Dinner - NEEDED
  • Auction Downtown Solicitor 2 - NEEDED
  • Auction Family Parties Solicitor - NEEDED
  • Auction Online Software (SilentAuctionPro)NEEDED (Maren can mentor)
  • Auction Other Businesses Solicitor - NEEDED
  • Grant Proposal ResearchersNEEDED (Tracy Martin will help with Safeway grant)
  • Band Instrument Rentals - NEEDED (Maren will mentor)
  • Band Liaison - NEEDED (Maren will mentor)
  • Band Parent Morning Helpers - NEEDED (Maren will mentor)
  • Los Dichos Coordinator - Linda Espinosa / CO-CHAIR NEEDED
  • Campus Clean Up - Marlene Wilhelm / OTHERS NEEDED
  • Copiers - Christine Kellner / OTHERS NEEDED
  • Lost and Found (1 day a week each) - Nicole Cohn / Christine Kellner / Pam Oki / 2 OTHERS NEEDED
  • PTA Volunteer Database - NEEDED
  • T-shirts - Ordering, Sales and Inventory - NEEDED (Maren can mentor)


It's for the kids!

See descriptions of roles here:http://www.wgepta.org/members/roles-responsibilities/

or email nominating committee members Maren Sederquist, Karen Taylor, Laneya McCullough or Chris Roth, current president Erica Bulycz, next year's president Rachel Wilner or any other board member you now to learn more!