Volunteers Needed for 5k Pre-Race Packet Pickup!
Tue, May 7 12:17pm

The WG5k team is critically low on volunteers, specifically for packet pickups later this week. If you have the time to help, please consider volunteering: https://www.konstella.com/app/school/55dd24ece4b03b6ee99d4879/signups/663008061b5cddb8f1f7be92 


Here’s more about what your volunteer shift would look like:

  • What this entails is asking for a bib number and then locating and handing it to a racer with their race bag OR looking at their bib and handing them their shirt size (or asking them whatever is easier).
  • There is no check-in/qr codes this year - it is a simplified process. We will have three stations all tented in the quad at school:
    • 1) bib lookup (if they don’t know it) on iPads
    • 2) bib and race bag pickup (they are sorted in folders of 100, with signage so folks can get in shorter lines)
    • 3) shirt pickup


The shifts are:

  • Thursday, May 9th right after pickup 3-5
  • Friday, May 10th right after pickup 3-5
  • Saturday, May 11th 7:30-8:50 (so you can still do the race)

We will be most crowded after school until 3:45 and the 45 mins before the race (for the day of pickup). Even if you can only stay for part of a shift, every bit helps!