WGE 2020-2021 PTA Board
Mon, May 4 4:21pm

On Tuesday, June 2 at our monthly PTA meeting, we plan to vote on our nominations for next school year’s PTA Board:
  • President: Amy Kaiser
  • VP-Educational Programs: Cori Wilser
  • VP-Communications: Jaime Perez
  • Secretary: Sandy Woosley
  • Financial Secretary: Julie Leif
  • Treasurer: Mara Nicholson
  • Auditor: Cyndi Kavanagh
  • Historian: Rachel Wilner
  • Parliamentarian: Bob Briski
  • Membership Chair: Chris Roth
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Jaqi Erickson
  • Treasurer Emeritus: Ben Towne

    We hope you can join us at the June 2nd meeting to vote on our next Board. We will also be selecting (and recruiting) our event chairs and lead volunteers for the next school year.

    Thank you to our Nominating Committee members Jaqi Erickson, Chris Roth, and Karina Cabrera for your work on the above Board slate, and to all of you who take the time to volunteer at our school!

    Bob Briski
    WGE PTA Parliamentarian