WGE First Annual Week of Gratitude - November 15-19
Tue, Nov 9 9:42am

Good morning WGE Parents,


I hope you will join in our first annual PTA sponsored Week of Gratitude next week, November 15-19. Gratitude is simple, but it is a game changer. Dr. Robert Emmons, a professor at UC Davis says, "Gratitude is our best weapon, an ally to counter these internal and external threats that rob us of sustainable joy. In gratitude, we focus on the giftedness of life."


Students will be working with their teachers to understand gratitude and expressing their appreciation to community members. At home, you can join us by writing notes or drawing pictures to your student's teachers as well as the other staff at school. They can be delivered any time during the week.


We will end the week with a coffee and treat delivery to our fabulous staff. If you have any questions, please let me know.


With gratitude,

Katie Settle