WGEPTA Notice - Proposed Amendments to Bylaws
Mon, Sep 11 10:31pm

Hi Everyone,

Please note that the following amendments to our Bylaws will be proposed and subject to approval by PTA membership at our meeting next month on Tuesday, October 10, 2017:

1. Article IV, Section 4: Dues have been updated to reflect an increase in State PTA dues

2. Article V, Section 2: The list of officers has been updated to include Executive VP and VP of Communications

3. Article VI, Section 3: Updated to reflect the VP of Communications

4. Article VII, Section 5b: The quorum has been raised to 13 to comply with PTA rules

5. Standing Rules, #6: Meetings have been changed to the third Wednesday of the month

6. Standing Rules: The Auction and 5K have been removed from the standing committee list

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming membership meeting on Tuesday, September 12 as well as next month's meeting on Tuesday, October 10.


Chris Roth

PTA Parliamentarian