Walk-A-Thon Class Winners!!
Tue, Oct 26 10:59am

Congrats on a great Walk-A-Thon this year!

We raised over $30,000 for our school! 

Way to go! 


Here are the winning classrooms with the highest donation participation (regardless of dollar amount)! A popsicle party is heading your way soon!

  • Maestra Tagimaroa
  • Maestra Ayala
  • Maestra Ramirez (whose class raised the most money!!)

And congratulations goes out to Jack Cheechoo in Ms. Flanagan’s class for being the student that raised the most money!! Way to go Jack! 

Prizes will be sent home later this week to those students that received a prize.

Any questions, please contact Julie Leif (julie.leif@wgepta.org)