We need your help! Join our Committees
Tue, Jun 30 8:48am

There is no doubt that 2020 has opened our eyes to our strength and adaptability. Our WGE community has shown that in the face of adversity, we will grow stronger and support one another. As we continue to adapt to COVID-19 and find new ways to celebrate our diverse community, your PTA is rethinking how we approach much of what we do in response to current events. To do this well, we need new perspectives and new voices at the table.


To help us accomplish this, we are forming two new committees, a COVID-19 Response Committee and an Inclusion Committee. These groups will work separately and together to help us become a more inclusive community and support our school’s response to the pandemic. We are asking for volunteers for both committees, including co-chairs. 


The COVID-19 Response Committee will work with school administration, teachers and parents to determine how the PTA can best support the school as it copes with the fallout of the pandemic. The PTA has a funding surplus heading into the 2020-21 school year, and we want to ensure it’s used effectively; this committee will make recommendations to the board and membership about how to use these funds in support of our school. WGE parent Evan Merz has agreed to help lead this committee. If you are interested in learning more, serving on this committee, or working with Evan as a co-chair, contact him at evanxmerz@yahoo.com.


The Inclusion Committee will seek to incorporate the perspectives of a wider array of families at our school into the activities the PTA hosts and the programs it funds. This committee will make recommendations to the board and membership about how to adapt our programs and spend our resources in support of our diverse community. If you are interested in learning more or serving on this committee, contact me at giniboss@gmail.com 


These committees will meet virtually to help ensure maximum participation. 


Thank you for all that you do to support our community. We are stronger together. 


Gini Bossenbroek

Mom to Ryley - rising 1st grader

Social and Environmental Responsibility Director - Kotis Design