Willow Glen 5k needs volunteers
Wed, Jan 15 9:30am

Hello, fabulous Willow Glen Elementary family!!

We are looking for FIVE key people for our Willow Glen 5k Team:

> Community Outreach - someone who can connect with the area schools to get the word out about our event and how the schools can benefit
Can be done during the day or the evening

> Social Media Marketing - someone who can take the lead on our WG5k Facebook Page and Twitter account
Preferably someone who can post at differing times to hit more of our audience

> Packet Pick Up Lead - someone who can attend all four packet pick up sessions the week before the race to help hand out the race bags and bib numbers
Must be available late afternoon Tuesday and Thursday of race week

> Volunteer Coordinator (High School) - someone who can connect with South Bay high school key clubs and other service organizations to recruit the necessary volunteers for race day
Can be done during the day or in the evening

> Volunteer Coordinator (Parent) - someone to help recruit parent volunteers for the pre-race and race day volunteer opportunities
Can be done during the day or in the evening

If you are interested in helping with any of these key roles, please email me at Organizer@wg5k.org