Cupcakes for a Cure!!!
Fri, Oct 25 8:15am-2:45pm
Winfield Township School
2 days before

Cupcakes for a Cure!  Need we say more?! One of our dedicated PTO members, Danielle Gervasi and her family, are and have been orchestrating this event for many years.  This year we want to help and make this event even more successful!  That's where we all come in! 


We are in need guessed it.....CUPCAKES!!!!! 


Please make sure cupcakes are dropped off no later than 2:45pm on Friday, Oct. 25th. 


As always, your participation is greatly appreciated!


1 dozen cupcakes Signed Up: 5 / 6

Fri, Oct 25 8:15am-2:45pm
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