Art Adventure Volunteers Needed
Sun, Oct 20 12:34pm

We are still looking for volunteers for the Art Adventure program this year.  Our theme is How People Lived. You can preview the pieces here


This year they have rewritten their guide books and they are working on emphasizing how to lead a conversation with questions for the students. During training you will get a chance to lead other volunteers in a conversation and participate as they practice on you.  You do not need to know anything about the art in advance.  A sheet about your volunteer role is attached.


At each 30 minute discussion you will talk about 2 pieces of art.  With 6 volunteers trained, this would be a class-time commitment of about 6 hours (12 discussions) each during Dec 2-Dec 19.


There is a required training given by MIA on  Tue. 11-5-19 10:30a.m. to 12:30pm or Thur. 11-7-19 5:30p.m. to 7:30pm


Unfortunately, if you are not able to attend one of these trainings, you will not be able to present in classrooms this year. We hope you will try again next year! If you have are interested , please message Andrea Hansen or text her at 763-213-9287 with your availability!