BOX TOPS - please bring to school by Tue. Oct. 26th.
Wed, Oct 13 11:48am

Do you have any General Mills / Pillsbury / Annie's / Betty Crocker / Gogurt /  Lysol / Papermate / Nature Valley / Old El Paso  / Nestle products on your shelf?   (We've attached the whole list to this email.)


Please check and see if there are unexpired box tops on them.  If so, please bring them to school by Tues. Oct. 26th so our PTO can earn 10 cents per box top!


Most products have transitioned over to digital scanning of receipts - but are still worth 10 cents each!  If you would like to contribute year-round, please download the Box Tops app and scan receipts within 14 days of purchase. 


For more info and instruction videos check out their website.