Book Shelvers wanted!
Mon, Dec 16 11:30am

Kids at Woodcrest LOVE to read this year! Book check-out has increased almost 30% over last year! Did you know the Woodcrest “Library Lady” is only part-time? She heavily relies on volunteers to help shelve 800-1000 returned books a week so she can maintain the personalized attention to students and staff and work hard to get them the books they need and want by processing and finding ways to purchase new books. If you have even 20 spare minutes during the week, maybe at drop off or pick up, please consider helping to shelve books. Maybe come have lunch with your student and stop in the library for 20-30 minutes before or after. Does your student have a retired grandparent or an older sibling that needs service hours? Every little bit truly does help! Younger siblings are welcome!