Classroom updates
Wed, Jan 20 5:06pm

With the new changes in classrooms at Woodcrest beginning tomorrow, could everyone please take a look to be sure your kids are listed in the correct classrooms within Konstella as well?  

Konstella classrooms are a great place for parents to find other families who are in the same classrooms.  This is especially helpful right now with some students going back into new classrooms (both in person and EFL) where they may not know who else they can expect to see.  It will also help in the future in case parents want to send out birthday invitations, personal valentines cards (school does not allow any in school sharing), etc.  It would be great if we could all put our kids in their appropriate classrooms to help each other connect as much as possible.

If you are not sure how to change your child's classroom or would like us to do it for you, please just reply to this message or email us at  


Thank you!