Extra kids clothing needed for school nurse
Wed, Nov 13 5:54pm

Do you have some pants hanging around that your kids have outgrown?  If you do, please consider donating them to the school nurse.  These extra pants are used if a child accidentally gets their own pants too wet to wear (spilled water, fallen into a puddle outside, bathroom accidents, etc).  She is especially in need of boys smaller sizes, especially athletic pants or jeans that can fit a range of body types, but all K-4 grade sizes are welcome!


Also, please consider sending a bag of backup clothing to school with your child to keep in his/her backpack in case they need them.  With the weather turning colder, our kids will be outside in the snow more often and with snow comes wet clothes.  


Lastly, if your child has had to borrow clothing from the nurse in the past, please double check that they've been returned.  


Thank you SO much!