Free Breakout EDU Logic Games added for March
Sun, Mar 7 7:52am

Hello Woodcrest!


Congratulations to the Breakout EDU prize winner for February: Aiden B Family!  Please email your full name and address to to claim your prize.


If you haven't logged into the latest craze at WCSI - now's the time!  Perfect for spring break fun!  New games have been added to our Breakout EDU page for March.  Complete one March game to enter our prize drawing.  See the attachment for info about this month's games.  (In case you missed them, last month's games will be available for another month, but are not eligible to win a prize.)


Each month WCSI PTO will be offering several fun/educational logic games for families to solve together via BreakOut EDU.  Each game usually has four questions or "locks" to open and you can use any resources you have for help.  Each family that correctly solves at least one game by the last day of the month will be entered into a drawing for a prize.  One prize per family.   To log back in to your existing account, go to
To sign up, access student login page at:
Click on the SIGN UP button. Click the Add Class button, and input the code OQXAW6, then click next. 
Input First Name, Last Name initial and desired Username (between six and ten characters) then click next.
NOTE: The username will be displayed in class.  
Pick a password (minimum six characters) and carefully type it into both fields. 
Press next when complete.  
Confirm the information on screen is correct. 
If needed, go back and make any necessary changes. If correct, click next. 
See attachment for sign-up instruction photos.
Watch these videos for an introduction of how puzzles work and how to play or even design your own game!