Fun Run info from Sr. Franke
Tue, Oct 5 8:48pm
We are so excited to have spectators back in person at our Fun Run! Please read all the details from Woodcrest below...
"Greeting Woodcrest families,
I'm happy to announce that, in partnership with the PTO, we are able to welcome family fans to this Friday's Woodcrest Fun Run! Below you will find the specific times for each grade levels assigned Fun Run time.
10:00 am (Elisa- Pre K)
10:30 Kinder
11-11:30 1st
11:30-12 3rd
12-12:30 2nd
12:30-1 4th
1:30 pm (Elisa-Pre K)
I ask that you arrive promptly and leave in a timely manner to ensure a safe and enjoyable event. When you park, please make your way to the Viewing Area along the running track-there is no need to check-in at the main office. This will be behind the playground near the basketball court. Maintaining physical distancing is required. Masks are strongly recommended and encouraged for each visitor. Immediately after the Fun Run, students will be given a small treat bag and will return to normal activities.
During the Fun Run, no visitors will be allowed into the building. There will be no access to the building. If you choose to sign your child out of school for the remainder of the day, after the Fun Run, please sign your student out with their homeroom teacher. If you have any questions, please contact the Woodcrest Spanish Immersion School office with questions at 763-600-5800.
John Franke