Intern Transportation Request
Thu, Sep 5 10:12am
Here's a message from Emily Byers-Ferrian:
I'm reaching out to see if anyone might be available to assist me with transporting Interns to and from Park Spanish Immersion School this Saturday (Sept. 7) for their mandatory orientation with the staff from Amity. Interns need to be there by 9am and will be done at 2pm.
Park Spanish Immersion School -9400 Cedar Lake Road, St. Louis Park.  (Google has the wrong address so be sure to use this one)
Interns are at various homes in Blaine. 
Please contact Emily if you are available to help!  Driving even one Intern one way, will be helpful. 


Emily Byers-Ferrian

Immersion Specialist

Woodcrest Spanish Immersion School

880 Osborne Road

Fridley, MN 55432

(763) 600-5810