Introducing Konstella
Thu, Aug 31 6:42am
Woodcrest Spanish Immersion

This year we’ll be using Konstella to aid us in our PTO communication. Konstella will make staying organized easier and help build a secure and private parent community.


What is Konstella?

Konstella is the new home of the Woodcrest Spanish Immersion (WCSI) PTO's online community!  It is a secure communications platform that streamlines the communication process, making it easier for parents and teachers to stay connected and informed of PTO events and volunteer opportunities.  Konstella can be accessed via website or the Konstella app on your phone!


Here are some of the ways Konstella will change the face of communication from the PTO:

  • Your personalized calendar in Konstella automatically includes upcoming activities at Woodcrest.  This calendar can be synced to your own personal electronic calendar.
  • Parents can communicate with other parents about various topics via a message board. If interested in a topic, you can subscribe to a particular thread and respond directly from email. This is beneficial in discussing topics such as good summer camps, class-wide playdates, or finding parents with similar interests.
  • Parents will have the ability to communicate directly with other parents for the purpose of planning activities.
  • Parents have the option of viewing Konstella updates in either Spanish or English, or most any language of your choice.  This can be changed at any time.  (see the bottom left hand corner of the page to select your language)
  • Parents can join a Woodcrest Spanish Immersion PTO committee or volunteer for a school event with just one click!

Here is a 2-minute demo to help familiarize you with Konstella.

Some notes on using Konstella:

  • Please add to your email program’s safe list.
  • Questions or issues? Please contact the PTO at


Privacy notice: Konstella is a secure site and your privacy is of utmost importance to us. You will control your privacy settings within the tool, so you decide what you would like to share with other parents. Your information will not be accessible to third parties. While we hope you will join Konstella to take advantage of its helpful and efficient classroom and school-wide communication features, it is important to note that the school will continue to send school wide announcements via Schoology.