It's Friday - Time to turn in your milleage club submission form!
Woodcrest Spanish Immersion

This year all students can add to their mileage club totals from home!  Email to report how many miles or 1/4 mile laps you have walked/run.  There is a form attached that can also be used to keep track throughout the week, you can turn in each Friday, we will tally over the weekend.  Toe tokens will be delivered to in school students as they are earned, and the last week of school for EFL.  If EFL would like to pick up from coordinator's house in Fridley as you earn,  include that in your email and she will be in contact with you!  A total of 5 different tokens (one for each five miles accumulated) can be earned along with a back-pack clip.  Last day to submit is Friday, June 4th!


Happy Moving!