Mileage Club Volunteer Schedule
Woodcrest Recess/Playground Area
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It's time for Mileage Club!!


What is Mileage Club?

Students participate by walking or running 1/4-mile laps during recess on most Mondays and Wednesdays April 24th - May 29th.  Each lap is counted by volunteers and at every 5-mile increment, students earn toe tokens to wear on bracelets, necklaces or attach to backpacks.  


Kids LOVE this program!!  We need parent volunteers to make it work.  Parents are needed to help track students’ laps, hand out toe tokens, and cheer on the students.   Also, parents are encouraged to get out there and run or walk along with the students!


Shifts run 2.5-3 hrs depending on the day due to the varying class recess schedules. Monday shifts are 10:30-1 and 1-3:45. Wednesday shifts are 10-1 and 1-3:45. It's ok to volunteer even if you can't stay for a full shift. If you will arrive late or need to leave early, please put what times you plan to be there in the comments section of your sign up so that the other volunteers know what's happening.


NEW, EXCITING, improvements for efficiency will be added for this year!  More details coming soon regarding a new EZ scan system.


The recess schedule is attached if you'd like to see specific run times.  Also, the teachers names are listed during the shift they will be running.  **PLEASE NOTE - these times are subject to change based on teacher discretion.  These are the times their classes typically take recess, however their schedules can change at anytime without notice.** 

Please take a look at the schedule and sign up where you are able to help out!  Your time is greatly appreciated!  Thank you!!