Sat, Dec 7 10:43am

Hi Everyone!


Top three things to know for THIS MONDAY'S  PTO meeting:


1. We will have a speaker discussing a growth mindset-see full description below!

2.  We will be collecting new adult sized socks for homeless persons.  If you forget to bring to meeting, message the PTO facebook page by Dec. 11th, and someone will pick them up at your house!

3. We hope to elect a new secretary.   Nominations are still being accepted.


Childcare provided for potty trained children 3+.


We hope to see you Monday!


Please join us Monday, December 9 at 6pm in the learning lab for a parenting talk on “A Growth Mindset” hosted by our Woodcrest PTO.   Our speaker, Jenny Odden is a licensed child and family therapist who lives and works in the north east metro. She was a former counselor at Mounds View Public Schools, and has two elementary aged children.

“A Growth Mindset” is a topic widely discussed and used in schools to promote students to get rid of fixed beliefs, such as “I am not good at math” or “I am not smart.”  It teaches children that anyone who puts the hard work and commitment into learning can be good at anything!  

A psychologist and Stanford professor, Carol Dweck researched many children and found that when children believe intelligence can be grown by hard work, children put in more effort.  Also children that have growth mindsets as opposed to fixed mindsets, will rebound faster from setbacks.  See more information on

Please join us for a parent education session on this topic Monday, December 9, at 6pm in the learning lab followed by our monthly meeting!